Damase and Joseph

Joseph Robineau was baptized on March 8, 1804. According to the church record Joseph’s parents were Louis Robineau and Marguerite Bigras who were married in 1799 at Oka (L’Annonciation-de-la-Bienheureuse-Vierge-Marie).

Joseph Robineau and Eleonore Phalmeur were married on February 20, 1832.

As per the Church record, Joseph Robineau’s parents were Louis Robineau and Marguerite Bigras. In this record the priest chose to write that Eleonore’s parents were Andre “Phalmeur” and Marie Margerite Cleroux. Phalmeur is one of the several variants in the church records. As I have hinted at before, i think the true spelling of the name should be “Falmar”. The marriage took place in St. Benoit parish.

Based on a record search through the Drouin records on Ancestry.com, i can say that Joseph and Eleonore had the following children. This list is probably not complete. The dates listed are most likely dates of baptism and not dates of birth:

  • Olivine, baptized in 1844
  • Joseph baptized in 1846
  • Joseph was married to Marie Portelance in February 1871.
  • Marie Marguerite baptized in 1842
  • Joseph Robineau baptized in 1836 – died in 1837
  • Artimise Pricille baptized in 1838 – died in 1839
  • Emelie Onezime baptized in 1835
  • Aurelie baptised in 1833 – married in 1857 (Hughes)
  • Frederique baptized in 1848
  • Damase Robineau baptised on August 1, 1854


The “1852 census of Canada – East” lists six Robineau’s in the household (Emelie, Olivine, Joseph, Marguerite, Frederique and Aurelie). Artimise and Joseph died before 1852 and Damase was born after 1852.

Joseph Robineau died in 1855. According to hearsay, Eleonore was destitute after Joseph’s death. Apparently he had a lumber business with his in-laws and when that business failed they lost all their wealth. Eleonore was helped in the raising of her children by Joseph Brunet who she eventually married.


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Robineau – Leonel and Damase

Robineau – Leonel and Damase

Leonel was born in 1892. His father was Damase Robineau who was born in 1854, in Valleyfield Quebec and died in1920 as a result of a dynamite explosion at his son’s (Almadie’s) sawmill near Chapleau. Damase married Marie Riopel. Damase and Marie moved to Sturgeon Falls after 1900, but before 1911 (census data shows them in Sturgeon Falls in 1911). The reason for this move has not been determined, however, the leading theory is that there was “work” to be found in Northern Ontario.

Damase and Marie had fifteen children:
Almadie – born in 1875 and died in 1939 – 10 children (Adela, Aldee, Laurien, Lil, Floria, Yvette, Armande, Lauria, Florian ‘“Frank”, and Leode
Antoine – born in 1877
Arsidas – born in 1979 and died in 1880 (twin to Olivine)
Olivine – born in 1879 and died in 1882 (twin to Arsidas)
Eleonore – born in 1881
Albert – born in 1871
Aldebert – born in 1878 – 5 children (Dona, Marie Anne, Anna, Belsora, Emelda)
Lucien – born in 1885 and died in 1975 – 5 children (Lucille, Marguerite, Armand, Alene Emma, Germaine)
Josephat – born in 1887 and died on April 29, 1950 – 5 children (Lileo, Jeanette, Simone, Margo, Fernande)
Marie Laure “Eglantine” – Born in 1899 – 11 childen
Daniel – Born in 1892 and died in 1967 (twin to Leonel) – 2 marriages – 9 children (Gaston, Germaine, Juliette, Lilianne, Madeleine, Thomas, Yvette, Danielle, Marthe)
Leonel – Born in 1892 and died in 1964 (twin to Daniel) – 9 children ( Gilbert Rheal, Guillaume, Henri, Alice, Gilberte, Leona, Adrien, Clairette, Leo Paul)
Marie Euphrosine “Exilda” Born in 1883
Florida – born in 1883 – 14 children

Damase’s parents were Joseph Robineau and Eleonore (Falmar, Farmer, Phalmeur,?). The spelling of Eleonore’s maiden name has many variations, however an upcoming post will conclusively (well! as conclusive as i can be) that her maiden name was “Falmar”.

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Robineau – Adrien and Leonel

This post will describe the Robineau family tree back two generations. My father was Adrien Robineau. Adrien had three children, all sons: Robert, Richard and myself. Adrien was born in Sturgeon Falls Ontario and in the mid-30’s moved to Alfred, Ontario near Cornwall. He learned a trade (shoe repair) and was an apprentice at the shoe repair shop in Lancaster, Ontario. He met his future wife (Lily Sauve) in Lancaster in the mid-40’s, were married on June 29, 1948. They moved to the “big” city (Cornwall) in 1949.

Adrien my father was born in1924 and died in 2002. His father was Leonel Robineau. Leonel was born in 1892 and died in August 1964. Leonel’s wife was Leda Mallette who who died in February, 1969. Leonel and Leda were married in 1914 in Montpelier. They had eight children:
1) Gilbert Euclide Rheal, born in and died in February 1944 on a bombing mission over Germany. More on him later!
Guillaume – born in 1919 and died in 1924
Alice – Born in 1925
Gilberte – born in 1921
Leona – born in 1916. Still alive and alert in Sturgeon Falls
Adrien – born in 1924 and died in 2002
Clairette – born in 1927. Still alive, alert and active today. She lives in Sturgeon Falls
Leo Paul – born in 1915 and died in 1995. This portion of the family seems to be in the Timmins area today.

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Eleonore “Phalmeur” or “Farmer” or “Falmar””?

In my January 4 post i made the following statement:
Another example is Damase’s mother. There are a wide variety of how her name is spelled ranging from “Farmer” to “Phalmeur” to “Falmar” (and others). If you read the original Drouin record carefully, I am thinking it is Phalmeur.

Well, upon a bit more research i am now thinking i was wrong. I now have a bit of “proof” that the correct name is in fact “Falmar”, and there may be a US connection. More on that in an upcoming posting.

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