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I did the Ancestry DNA test and got the results back  within three or four months.  According to the test results i am 66% British Isles, 24 % Southern Europe, 6% Eastern Europe and 4% Uncertain (must be the alien genes).

This is an interesting result since i am 100% French, both sides of my family flow through Ontario and Quebec to France. So, my whole tree going back over 300 years is in Quebec or France. Why no mention of France?

One reason could be that my genes are recent arrivals in France.  This DNA test is supposed to look at your genetic ancestry which is longer than 300 years.  Therefore, i have made up my story and that is the one i will stick with until proven otherwise.

My 24% Southern Europe genetic make-up may very well be Italy.  My genes could very well have been part of the Roman invasion of Britain 2,000 years ago (around AD 43).  By the 5th and 6th century AD the Roman occupation is in decline.  However, my Southern European genes probably stayed for a while, thus making them 66% British.  I can only assume that at some point my genes, or whoever was carrying them, decided that the food and wine was better in France and they moved there.


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# 1,632,422…Yeah!!

Great News. The Blog ranks about 1,632,422 in the world. ranks the traffic on all web sites. For instance is number 630 in terms of traffic on all web sites. In terms of Genealogy web sites, ancestry .com is # 1. Alexa only tracks the top 500 genealogy web sites and is not quite there…yet.

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Upcoming book

I have just leaned of an upcoming book that may contain details on Rheal’s mission and crash near Frankenhofen.  Very exciting.  I may have to learn German.  The title of the book in English is: “The Downed: The Air War on 25 and 26 February 1944 over Augsburg and the Swabian Jura”

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Rheal Robineau…There’s more

Several of my previous posts in this blog discuss Rheal Robineau, his crew mates and their bombing mission over Germany.  Well now, thanks to Joerg Mezger, who apparently is a person who goes around to German WWII crash sites and takes picture and occasionally recovers small pieces of “remains” from the plane, i have pictures of the crash site and some small remains of the plane.

Thanks Joerg

I have posted the pictures he has sent me.  Joerg also sent me a picture of Rheal’s grave site at Durnbach in Germany.Rheal – Germany 1Rheal – Germany 3Rheal – Germany 5Rheal – Germany 4

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