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My interest in genealogy began around 2010.  I have no specific moment of epiphany where i discovered i should be doing my genealogy.  I just seemed to develop an interest and voila!  It was great irony that after three months of genealogy i knew more about my wife’s side of the family: the Powell’s.  The Robineau side seemed to have a lot less coverage, so i knew i was in the right spot.  

My branch of the Robineau’s are from the Sturgeon Falls area.  They came from Ripon Quebec around 1900.  Prior to that they were in Valleyfield Quebec, Montreal and Paris France (around 1700).   Other common surnames in the family are: Sauve, Cartie, Lavimodiere, Bourcier, Brodeur.

My wife is a Powell from the Wingham, Ontario area. They came from Porlock, England around 1860. Other common surnames in the family are: White, Jenkins and Kerr.

Our daughter married a Fergusson a few years ago. So, all of a sudden i am into Scottish genealogy.  The Fergussons came to Western Canada from Chesterfield Ontario (now a gh0st town) about 1900.