Robineau Family Tree Diagram

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  1. Nico says:

    Is it possible for either me as a reader or you as the author to make the font a bit larger as my old eyes are strain to read the present size?

  2. Chantel Robinson/Chadwick says:

    My grandfather is Leo Paul Robineau

    • Roger says:

      Glad to meet you.

      My grandfather was Leonel Robineau who is Leo Paul’s father. My father was Adrien Robineau who would be Leo Paul’s brother. I just started genealogy a few years ago and will not “really” get into it until i retire later this year.
      I have an active Facebook page where i do a lot of my keeping in touch with the Robineau descendents. Several of these would be you cousins or related at the very least.
      My Facebook page is at

      I have a lot of “old” pictures there. Damase Robineau is a common link to most of the Robineau’s on my Facebook page. We are still looking for a picture of Damase.

      Hope to hear from you soon.

      Roger Robineau
      Oakville, Ontario

    • Roger says:

      I should have checked my Facebook page first, since you are already there.


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