Leonel Robineau

Leonel Robineau
(Son of Damasse)
(Summary of his life – Will be updated as more information is found)

Leonel Robineau was born in 1892, in Ripon Quebec and died in1964. He is apparently buried in the cemetery in Timmins Ontario.

Leonel was my grandfather. I never met him. Leda, his wife is buried in the Sturgeon Falls cemetery.

Leonel married on July 7, 1914 to Leda Mallette in Montpellier Quebec. The parish was Notre Dame de la Consolation.

Leonel and Leda had nine children:

Leo Paul Aurel Anatole: Born March 10, 1915 at Notre Dame de la Consolation Parish in Montpellier Quebec.

Leona: Born 1916. Married Antoine Pose on May 16, 1933 at Sacre Coeur Parish in Sturgeon Falls. Re-married to John Leonard Vandette.

Henri: Born February 1918 in Sturgeon Falls. Died May 20, 1919 at 15 months from Pneumonia – Sacre Coeur Parish Sturgeon Falls.

Guillaume: “Willie” – Born August 31, 1919 in Sturgeon Falls and died January 11, 1924 of “Croup” in Sturgeon Falls.

Gilberte Anita Elianne: Born February 20, 1921 in Sturgeon Falls in Sacre Coeur parish.
Married Paul Racette on April 18, 1937 at Sacre Coeur Parish in Sturgeon Falls. In early 50’s married Calvin Salem in Sudbury. Died in early 80’s.

Joseph Gilbert Euclide Rheal: Born August 31, 1922 and died on February 26th 1944 in a bombing run over Augsburg Germany.

Joseph Emmanuel Adrien: Born April 30, 1924 at Sacre Coeur Parish in Sturgeon Falls and died March 31, 2002 in Cornwall Ontario. (My father). Married Lily Sauve in Lancaster Ontario on June 28, 1948.

Marie Precile Alice: Born September 25, 1925 at Sacre Coeur Parish in Sturgeon Falls. Married Roger Gareau on May 12, 1946 at Sacre Coeur Parish in Sturgeon Falls.

Marie Georgette Madeleine Clairette: Born April 17, 1927 at Sacre Coeur Parish in Sturgeon Falls.

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  1. Michael Racette says:

    Paul and Gilberte are my grandfather and grandmother. Both are buried in Sturgeon Falls…Gilberte in 1983. She had two boys ( Gatean, Calvin) and one girl (Colette). Colette was my mother. Colette passed in 2010 buried in Sturgeon Falls and my uncle Calvin passed in 94 and was cremated. Only Geatan is alive. I have a lot of info on the Racette’s if you need

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