Installment #3 – Marriage contract between Michel Robineau dit Desmoulins and Louise Baron – February 1710

On 2013-09-07 6:49 PM, Roger wrote:

This is the next installment in the Robineau/Baron marriage contract transcription. The extracts from the contract are shown in (Bold, Italics).

Since the marriage contract is long, i plan to post the results in a series of Blog posts.

I have made editorial comments and these are shown after the contract entries and point to areas for further research.

This next portion of the marriage contract details what each is bringing to the marriage. It states they will abide by the customs of the city of Paris. It states that each, individualy is responsible for his or her own dents during the marriage. Michel states that he owns a piece of land in Notre Dame des Vertus on Montreal island. It is worth fifty “Escus” plus five hundrd and ten pounds in money and furnishings. Louise was said to own, apart from her clothes, a debt owing for 150 pounds from Gilles Papin, a merchant in Boucherville. The contract seems to imply that Michel would give Louise 300 pounds. Also present to act as witnesses were Gilles Papin, Merchant, Jean Baptiste Tetro, School teacher.

Editorial Comments:

An “Escus”, before 1720 was apparently worth 4 pounds. So his land was worth 200 pounds. According to the web site:
a surgeon earned 100 to 150 pounds a year and a shoemaker 60 pounds per year. A cow cost 50 pounds and an oven cost 100 pounds.

The short version of some of the legalese is that Louise gets to keep all her belongings and money if the marriage ends, which was common practice then.

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  1. Carole says:

    Hi Roger,
    I received a message from you on but was unable to reply through ancestry. Your question was:
    I just noticed that you have a Robineau “private ” tree. I am the son of Adrien Robineau who grew up in Sturgeon Falls. My grand father would be Leonel Robineau (Daniel’s twin brother). The first Robineau in my line is Michel Robineau dit Desmoulins.
    I have only been doing genealogy for two years, but i will soon retire and launch my research full-time.

    I have a blog at I would like to hear from you and hopefully i can share some of my research with you.


    Roger Robineau

    My reply:
    The Daniel Robineau I have in my tree is the son of Rene Robineau and Anne Leneuf. The dates I have for them occur in the 1600s. They are not the same group you are referring to. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me.

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