Installment #2 – Marriage contract between Michel Robineau dit Desmoulins and Louise Baron – February 1710

This is the next installment in the Robineau/Baron marriage contract transcription. The extracts from the contract are shown in (Bold, Italics). Since the marriage contract is long, i plan to post the results in a series of Blog posts.

I have made editorial comments and these are shown after the contract entries and point to areas for further research.

In front of the “royal” notary Marien Tailhandier of Montreal, living in Boucherville are present Michel Robineau and Louise Baron. They both have consent from their parents and friends. Michel Robineau is accompanied by by his friend Pierre Roy. He also has consent of his friend Louis Herard de Beaujeu, lieutenent and second in command to the Major of the detachment of the Compagnie de la Marine and Ferriere sargeant of the troops.
Louise Baron was accompanied by her tutors Denis Veronnaux and Joseph Huet as well as her brother Denis Baron. All assembled are giving consent to the marriage of Michel and Louise which will take place as soon as possible in a Roman Catholic church.

Editorial Comments:Here is a bit more on the notary:
TAILHANDIER, dit La Beaume, MARIEN (Taillandier, dit La Baume, or Maxime de La Baume), surgeon, seigneurial then royal notary, clerk of court and judge in the seigneurial court of Boucherville, son of Antoine Tailhandier, attorney of the judicial district of Masaye in Auvergne; b. 1665 at Clermont; d. 1738 or 1739 at Boucherville.

He landed in Canada about 1685, no doubt as a soldier, for when on 8 Jan. 1688, at Boucherville, he married Madeleine Baudry, aged 27, widow of one Puybarau, the marriage contract declared him to be a soldier-surgeon in M. Daneau de Muy’s company. Source: Dictionary of Canadian Biography:

Some preliminary research on Michel Robineau’s friends.
Pierre Roy is a relatively common name, so he may be harder to trace. He was in the same military outfit as Michel.

One of the more frustrating aspects of genealogy and looking at old handwritten documents is that names get mangled. The marriage contract refers to Michel Robineau and Michel Robineaux. It also refers to Louise Baron’s brother as Michel Baront.
One such situation is the name of Michel’s commander in the army. I suspect that the real name of Michel’s commander was Louis Lienard de Beaujeu and not Michel Herard de Beaujeu. Louis Lienard de Beaujeu’s biography fits with the dates quite well, although it is not yet proven. So, assuming that Louis Lienard was his commander check out the Dictionary of Canadian Biography:

We have now completed the first page of the contract only 3 and 1/2 more pages. 🙂

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