Rheal Robineau

Rheal Robineau was shot down over Germany on the night of February 25th, 1944.  Below  is an extract from a Casualty Report report prepared on May 12, 1944.  A few of the crew on Rheal’s plane were taken prisoner by the Germans.  At Stalag Luft III they were allowed to report on the events of the flight and the status of their crew members.  The full memorandum is copied below and the middle section refers to Rheal Robineau.


From: Mrs. Lliewellyn,                                           To: Wing Commander A.B. Mathews
Wounded, Missing and Relatives Dept.              P.4.Cas(Can) Air Ministry
7 Belgrave Square, S.W.1                                        73-77 Oxford St. London, W.1

6th December, 1944

I enclose copies of reports received from the Senior British Officer, North Compound, Stalag Luft III, concerning: –

Flight-Lieutenant A.G. Dickie J9270
Sergeant G.E.R. Robineau R220136
Sergeant C.D. Duncan R.183624.


Extract from the casualty report from Senior British Officer, Stalag Luft III, dated 12th May, 1944.

2F/Sgt. R. Lambe, Serv. No: 1339552 POW No:4192 states:
‘On the night of 9th/10th April, 1944 our aircraft was attacked by night-fighters near Horsens, Denmark.  The Captain, ordered the crew to bail out as the aircraft was out of control.  I was second to leave the aircraft.  I was told at Dulag Luft that the bodies of F/Lt. Dickie and Sgt. Price were found in the aircraft.  I did not identify the bodies of this Officer and NCO.

F/O R. Richards Serv. No.J.25697 POW No.3585 states: “On the night of 25th/26th February 1944 we were attacked by night fighters 50 miles west of Augsburg.  Our inter-communication was unserviceable after the attack and the aircraft caught fire.  We bailed out over Eppingen.  I was fourth to leave the aircraft.  The German authorities at Dulag Luft told me that Sgt. Thompson and Sgt. Robineau were in hospital but did not say where. They also informed me that there was little hope for their recovery.
F/Sgt.I.Bertram. Serv. No:A.413817. POW No.4178 states:- “On the night of 20/21 April 1944 our aircraft was directly hit by flak over Cologne and attacked by night fighters after leaving the target area.  Our inter-communications was unserviceable.  I was fifth to leave the aircraft.  At Dulag Luft I was shown some personal effects of Sgt. Casey who the German authorities said, had been killed. I did not identify his body.  He is buried somewhere near Aachen.  I know nothing of the date of Sergeant Dunkin.

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