Rheal Robineau – Post # 2

In 1946, the RCAF , apparently made further investigations into the death of air crew members who had not returned.  The memo below, received from Archives Canada, indicates that further investigation was suggested.  The results of that investigation will be in my next post.

Our File: J.91090 (R.O.)

Royal Canadian Air Force

Ottawa, Canada  19th June, 1946

Casualty Enquiry G 1176 (P.414208/44)    American Zone

Halifax L? 597 was reported missing on the 25th/26th February, 1944 as the result of operations against Augsburg.

O-886266    1st/Lt    A.L. Lubold        pilot        safe
J.23342    F/O    A.G. Turton        nav        safe
J.25697    F/O    R.A.Richards        A/B        safe
1561875    Sgt.    Cannon, J.        Hop/AG    safe
R.220136    Sgt.    Robineau G.E.    A/G        Missing P.D.
(now J.91090 P/O)
1553058    Sgt.    Thompson, ?.    A/G        Missing
1803536    Sgt.    Bean, L.        F/E        Safe

The entire crew is safe with the exception of the gunners, P/O Robineau and Sgt. Thompson.  The aircraft crashed near Risstissen, (map ref. L49/x56.  F/O Richards was told by the Germans that the two Air Gunners were in hospital, which was not identified, and that there was little hope for their recovery.  The Germans told F/O Turton that both the Air Gunners were killed and gave Sgt. Robineau’s flying boots to him to wear. Ehingen(Map Ref. L49x46) and Ulm are also mentioned in repatriation statements, so it is possible that the hospital is located in one of those towns.  It is known that the Gunners died as F/O Richards was shown their identification tags soon after he was taken prisoner.

In view of the conflicting statements it is suggested that enquiries be made in the vicinity of the crashed aircraft to locate the graves, in the event the information about the hospital should be incorrect.

Group Captain,
for Chief of the Air Staff.

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