I just went through the DNA test process.  I was surprised by the results, although maybe i should not.   I am French and my tree does go back to France in 1700. Granted that is only 400 years ago and i don’t know where the Robineau’s were before that date.   The test involved a swab from my cheeks and their is no reason to believe it is not scientific.  So, the test says that my ethnic genealogy is 66% British Isles, 24% Southern Europe (Spain and Italy) , 5% Eastern Europe and 5% Uncertain. Apparently , British Isles can be “stretched” to include Normandy.  But the analysis from Ancestry does not  mention France. I suspect that the Robineau ancestors spent a lot of time in the British Isles.  One theory is that the Robineau’s, or whoever they were back then were part of the invading Roman hordes who invaded the British isles. Perhaps my ancestors spent a fair amount of time there (at least that is the genetic implication). I presume that at some time they decided the food and wine was better in France and moved there, a mere few hundred years ago. This just  means i have to learn more about genetic testing and what it means for the Robineau family history.

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