Adrien Robineau – My Father

He was Born on the 30th of April, 1924 in Sturgeon Falls. He lived in Sturgeon Falls until the late 30’s (more research required). In 1940 at the age of 16 he completed Grade 10 at St. Joseph’s school in Sturgeon Falls. Although his service record says he was at the “Industrial ” school from September 1938 to June 1940. (Hmmm). At the same time being of a poor and divided family living during the depression he was sent to an “Industrial” school in Alfred Ontario (St. Joseph) to learn a trade (Shoemaking). He was sent to Lancaster Ontario to be an apprentice shoemaker, where he met his future wife Lily Sauve (my monther). They were married in 1948, but before that he did a stay in the RCAF during the war. He joined the RCAF on November 19, 1943. He served in Canada and Labrador (before it joined Confederation). He served as shoemaker and was apparently in charge of the shoe repair shop for five months. He served from November 19, 1943 to March 13, 1946. His service record indictates that he joined as (AC2- Aircraftman , Class 1) , became (AC1 – Aircraftman Class 1) in October 1944 and (LAC – Leading Aircraftmen) in April 1945. He spent most of his time in Moncton and Goose Bay. He was awarded the CVSM – Canadian Volunteer Service Medal andClasp.

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