Robineau – Leonel and Damase

Robineau – Leonel and Damase

Leonel was born in 1892. His father was Damase Robineau who was born in 1854, in Valleyfield Quebec and died in1920 as a result of a dynamite explosion at his son’s (Almadie’s) sawmill near Chapleau. Damase married Marie Riopel. Damase and Marie moved to Sturgeon Falls after 1900, but before 1911 (census data shows them in Sturgeon Falls in 1911). The reason for this move has not been determined, however, the leading theory is that there was “work” to be found in Northern Ontario.

Damase and Marie had fifteen children:
Almadie – born in 1875 and died in 1939 – 10 children (Adela, Aldee, Laurien, Lil, Floria, Yvette, Armande, Lauria, Florian ‘“Frank”, and Leode
Antoine – born in 1877
Arsidas – born in 1979 and died in 1880 (twin to Olivine)
Olivine – born in 1879 and died in 1882 (twin to Arsidas)
Eleonore – born in 1881
Albert – born in 1871
Aldebert – born in 1878 – 5 children (Dona, Marie Anne, Anna, Belsora, Emelda)
Lucien – born in 1885 and died in 1975 – 5 children (Lucille, Marguerite, Armand, Alene Emma, Germaine)
Josephat – born in 1887 and died on April 29, 1950 – 5 children (Lileo, Jeanette, Simone, Margo, Fernande)
Marie Laure “Eglantine” – Born in 1899 – 11 childen
Daniel – Born in 1892 and died in 1967 (twin to Leonel) – 2 marriages – 9 children (Gaston, Germaine, Juliette, Lilianne, Madeleine, Thomas, Yvette, Danielle, Marthe)
Leonel – Born in 1892 and died in 1964 (twin to Daniel) – 9 children ( Gilbert Rheal, Guillaume, Henri, Alice, Gilberte, Leona, Adrien, Clairette, Leo Paul)
Marie Euphrosine “Exilda” Born in 1883
Florida – born in 1883 – 14 children

Damase’s parents were Joseph Robineau and Eleonore (Falmar, Farmer, Phalmeur,?). The spelling of Eleonore’s maiden name has many variations, however an upcoming post will conclusively (well! as conclusive as i can be) that her maiden name was “Falmar”.

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  1. Denise Robineau Livingston says:

    Hi Roger, you may have corrected this elsewhere, but for the record Daniel Robineau had 13 children – 11 from 1st marriage to Rebecca Pilon – in order: Juliette (jan 14 1921); 2nd died at 3 mths; Julien (d 1958); 4th died at 11 mths; Germaine (b. Sep 29 1924); Madeleine (b sep 19 1925); Lillian (1927); Laurent (my Dad born sep 6 1929); gaston (b 1931, d 2012); Thomas (b ??); Yvette (1935).
    2nd marriage – Danielle, Marthe)

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