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One of the interesting historical questions I have is why the Robineau clan moved from the Ripon area to Sturgeon Falls/Timmins/Thurso in the “very” early 1900’s. My mother has always said there was no work in the Ripon area and lots of jobs were available in forestry and mining in Northern Ontario.
Damase Robineau was born in Valleyfield, Quebec in 1854. Most of his children were born or raised in and around Ripon Quebec (around Buckigham). So, what made them move to Northern Ontario?.

In fact if you check the 1901 census for Sturgeon Falls (in Northern Ontario-at least it was in 1900) there are no Robineau’s listed and there are no Robineau’s in Ontario (see caveat below). There were 11 Robineau’s in the 1911 census in Ontario, all living around Sturgeon Falls
The census are available online at:

Major “Genealogical” caveat:
Spelling – Just because there were no Robineau’s in the Ontario census in 1901 does not mean they were not there. The people (volunteers) who did the census in the first place and then the next volunteers who transcribed the surveys into computer-readable form all had to interpret spelling.
The Drouin records are another example. They are available on You can find a bit of background on the Drouin records at:
The Drouin records are copies of parish records in Quebec. In 1875 the priest might be the only one who could read or write, so the spelling of names was his decision. The other issue is that once again some volunteer had to transcribe the Drouin records into machine-readable form. The perfect example i have of that is my father who was “Adrien”. It took me quite a while to find him in the Drouin records because his name was transcribed as “Adrine”.

Another example is Damase’s mother. There are a wide variety of how her name is spelled ranging from “Farmer” to “Phalmeur” to “Falmar” (and others). If you read the original Drouin record carefully, I am thinking it is Phalmeur.

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