Eleonore “Phalmeur” or “Farmer” or “Falmar””?

In my January 4 post i made the following statement:
Another example is Damase’s mother. There are a wide variety of how her name is spelled ranging from “Farmer” to “Phalmeur” to “Falmar” (and others). If you read the original Drouin record carefully, I am thinking it is Phalmeur.

Well, upon a bit more research i am now thinking i was wrong. I now have a bit of “proof” that the correct name is in fact “Falmar”, and there may be a US connection. More on that in an upcoming posting.

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4 Responses to Eleonore “Phalmeur” or “Farmer” or “Falmar””?

  1. Danielle says:

    Roger, did Eleonor Falmar’s mother is the one who was an Algonquin ?

  2. Marie-Pier Farmer says:

    I think it was Farmer as she would be one of my ancestor http://www.nosorigines.qc.ca/GenealogieQuebec.aspx?genealogie=Eleonore_Farmer&pid=248104&lng=fr&partID=248103 (I am sorry the site is only in french)

    • Roger says:

      Je suis Francais. Ca fait un ans que je ne suis pas aller sure le site Nos Origines. Yes, i agree it was Farmer. Sorry for the late response but i have been ignoring my blog lately. I have a genealogical article written in 1975 you may be interested in. Apparently Eleonore’s father or grandfather was from Virginia. At least that is what the article states. I don’t have any Farmer contacts, so you are my first one.
      Mon couriel genealogique est: GenealogyRoger@gmail.com

      Roger Robineau

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