Genealogical coincidence?

Two years ago my wife, daughter and i went to England. This is one year before i even thought of getting into Genealogy.

On this trip we took the train to Paris for one day. When we got there we thought: “let’s have wine and cheese at a cafe”. The picture is of of my wife and daughter at the cafe. Note the name of the street. (Cue the twilight zone music).

Now, go forward two years and i have found that our earliest link to France is Simon Robineau and Anne Larche who lived in St. Roch de Paris parish in central Paris. One of their children moved to Quebec and is the ancestor to my “line” of the Robineau’s. This child was Michel Robineau dit Desmoulins. The paragraph below gives a bit of background on MIchel. (Note the name of the street on which he was born). (Continue playing the Twilight Zone music).

“Michel Robineau Desmoulins, pionneer, was the son of Simon Robineau and Anne Larche who remained in France. He was born circa 1683 on rue Saint-Honoré in the parish Saint-Roch of Paris. He died in the Montréal Hospital on 27 October 1738 and was buried the next day by Father Dargent in the presence of Father Peigne and of the Ecclesiastic Guard.”

The St. Roch church is two blocks away from this Bistro.

By the way the “dit Desmoulin” part of the name will be the topic of an upcoming post to this blog.

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