Summary of the Sauve line

My mother is a Sauve.
Her father was Roch Adrien Sauve. Much like the Robineau line he decided in the 1940’s to move from Valleyfield to the big city lights of Lancaster Ontario. Subsequently the family moved to Cornwall. He had a sister “Germaine” who married a Bourcier and settled in Saginaw Michigan. There are interesting sub-stories all over these trees. One of Roch
Roch Adrien’s daughters married a Lavimodiere. The Lavimodiere tree includes a connection to Louis Riel, but more on that later.
Adrien’s fathers was Onesime Sauve. They lived in Valleyfield.
The first Sauve in this line was Pierre Jacques Sauve (dit Laplante). He arrived from Bordeaux France around 1700.

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