Summary of the Robineau Line

In the next few blog entries i will summarize the ancestry of several families, starting with the Robineau’s of course. Some of this data is unverified, and is primarily the result of my preliminaru research, although i may have some certainty as to the identity of my father.
The following is just a list of the Robineau line with some “editorial” comments.

Adrien Robineau (my father). He married a Sauve. They lived in Cornwall
Leonel Robineau (my grandfather). He married a Mallette. They lived in Sturgeon Falls
Damase Robineau. He married a Riopel. He moved to Sturgeon Falls around 1900 from the Buckingham region of Quebec
Joseph Robineau He married a Phalmeur, Farmer, Falmeur – take your pick. The actual last name varies quite a bit They seemed to live in Valleyfield
Louis Joseph Robineau
Joseph Jean Robineau
Louis Joseph Robineau dit Desmoulins. Some of the children from this ancestor kept the Desmoulins name and dropped the Robineau name.
Michel Robineau dit Desmoulins. He arrived from France around 1700. There is debate as to what the Desmoulins name is or why he chose that name. Apparently it was a “war name” for soldiers.
Simon and Anne Robineau. Michel’s parents. They were in Paris. Finding their parents is a task for the future and may require a field trip to France.

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