This is my Genealogy blog.  On this blog you will follow me as i stumble around in my newest hobby; Genealogy.  You can probably guess that my genealogy focus is the Robineau family.    However, we will branch off into other family trees.  For instance the Sauve’s. Cartie’s, Lavimodiere’s, Powell’s, White’s, etc.  Most of my family is from Eastern Ontario, Quebec and France with an unconfirmed Swiss connection.  My wife’s family is primarily from South West Ontario and the United Kingdom.

As i chat about my experiences, i plan to share my frustrations, challenges and learnings so that you can hopefully learn from my mistakes, and possibly you may have a tid-bit of family information you can share with me.

Parce que je suis francais, je vais probablement avoir un paragraphe ou deux en francais de temps a autre.  Je n’ai pas grand occasion a ecrire en francais dans mon ouvrage, alors ceci va me donner une chance de pratiquer mon francais.


That is all for today.


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  1. nico says:

    Roger, I read all four pages and liked them as it gave me context in relation to our occasional conversations about your passion. I do have one Q. and that is: did you structure this site to mirror the timeline of pasting generations so that the most current item is on page one and the beginning of the process is page four. No problem, however this may confuse a first time viewer. Sincerely, Not in your tree.

  2. Darien Heathcote says:

    Hi Roger,
    Stumbled upon your page looking for information on my grandmother, Marie-Blanche Barrette (just surfing the internet, thinking of her). Very interesting stuff! I would love to see a family tree if you are ever able to get one together. Email me if you would like me to find any information for you about the Barrette line. 🙂

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